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Chiropractic Pain Management • Holistic Nutrition

 Chiropractic Pain Management
At 12th Meridian Holistic Center, we provide exceptional chiropractic care for all our patients, and we are a participating provider in all major insurance plans. Our chiropractic pain management services offers effective and safe relief from pain related to spine, joints, and muscles. When used for long-term correction of structural problems, we can achieve lasting results.

 Spinal Manipulation

  • Low Force & Regular Techniques
  • Trigger Point Muscle Release for Immediate Pain Reduction
  • Unique Methods of Quick Tension Headache Reduction
  • Spinal Treatment for Children Helps Reduce Allergies & Asthma
  • Correction of Flat Feet Related to Scoliosis & a Curvature of Spine & Improper Gait

 Holistic Nutrition
We conduct an electro-dermal computerized nutritional diagnosis that enables us to detect and eliminate the nutritional deficiencies and toxins in your body. Using holistic nutrition principles, we apply nutritional protocols to reduce inflammation, correct improper digestion, and induce detoxification for weight reduction. We can help you feel more energetic and reduce aches and pains if you suffer from chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia, and fibromyalgia. Heavy metals toxicity must be reduced! We utilize various testing methods to identify and reduce your heavy metal toxicity.


Visit our chiropractic clinic in New York, New York, for chiropractic pain management.